Sunday, March 02, 2008

Midterm questions -- ask here [UPDATED]

If you have any questions about the midterm, I would appreciate it if you ask them as comments here rather than emailing. This way everyone can get the same answers. I will make sure this post stays on top on the blog through Thursday. I should also have pointed out that everything posted on this blog can be used as sources on the take-home midterm and the term paper.

While you are studying and writing, enjoy this BBC news item revealing that this year's Best Actress Oscar winner, Marion Cotillard, is also an avid conspiracy theorist. Because there is no better source on architectural engineering and astrophysics than a French actress!

UPDATE: Click here for emergency access to the key chapters in Conspiracy Nation.

UPDATE 2: Someone asked in class where there were examples of the Turabian citation style somewhere on the Internet. Yes there is.