Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Progress report & a clarification

I forgot to mention in class Tuesday, that we have moved on to topic #2 on the syllabus, so you should be starting the second block of reading by now. You will notice that the topics and associated reading blocks are each tied to a particular multi-day PowerPoint presentation. When I start a new one, with the theme music and title screen, you will know we are moving on even if I forget to say it.

Also, please note that "reserve" next to a reading indicates it is physically on reserve at the Ellis Library Circulation Desk, rather than available on ERes. My understanding is that we are not allowed to put whole books or even majority chunks of them on ERes. Chapters 2 & 3 in Knight, ed., Conspiracy Nation, by Fran Mason and Timothy Melley, are especially important among the reserve readings.