Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Final notes on the final exam

The term sheet for the final exam has been finalized with relatively few changes from last week's original. If you have questions on particular terms, please post a comment here or give me a call. Those methods are better than email because they will prevent me from having to write many repetitive emails answering the same question.

The format for both take-home finals will be the same :
  • a section of identifications (or "explanations" as I call them) with terms taken directly from the most basic items on study sheet -- you will have to write a paragraph explaining the significance of the term within the course
  • a section of short answer questions on major points of interpretation in the course, which you will answer 2 or 3 paragraphs -- these will be questions with definite answers, not the sort of open-ended questions asked on the take-home test
  • a section of extra credit identifications taken from the more obscure corners of the course, and especially from material covered in the readings but not in the lectures
Students should bring blue books or loose notebook paper with them to the final. Both finals will be held in our usual classroom. The night class final at 7:30pm Thursday 12/15 in A&S 236. The day class final will be at 8am Friday 12/16 in GCB 204. Please make sure you get the correct test if you are one of the people taking the test with the other section.