Friday, December 02, 2005

Night students: Lecture outlines through Thanksgiving

Here's an update on the availability of the various lecture outlines as we come to the end of the semester:
  • As most of you in the MU in the Evening version of History 2420 seem to know, you can find the outlines for the first month of the course here and here. Except for the pull-out sections, these are the same outlines used for the early weeks of the day course, and dated accordingly.
  • I just posted the lecture outline for the 1930s material we covered before Thanksgiving.
  • The Cold War material we are working on now is not up yet, but there is an old version available that is quite similar. It should serve you fine if you need an outline now.
  • The JFK material we will covering next week, in a somewhat abbreviated form, is already up (in two parts) here and here.
Look for term sheets (for both classes) this weekend.