Saturday, November 05, 2005

Marilyn Monroe conspiracy theories in the news

This weekend I have happened to catch two different news reports with new and supposedly mysterious information about Marilyn Monroe's final days.

First, there's one from the Associated Press regarding notes Marilyn's psychiatrist took during what was possibly her final visit to the shrink.

Second, there was a thing on MSNBC that I can't find on their web site that had some woman who had talked to Joe DiMaggio's sister and claimed that Marilyn was really happy the day she died and planned to remarry Joltin' Joe. Here's an older MSNBC piece on MM until I find the one I am looking for.

I am not terribly interested in celebrity death CTs, as you know from class, but several people in class appear to be in to the Marilyn Monroe issue, so this one goes out to those students. Aging actress known to be a pill-abuser who overdoses seems like the simplest and most convincing explanation to me. The fact that she may have sounded happy to people who talked to her that day may have been driven by the kind of pill she was on at the moment, you know? It doesn't disprove the suicide theory. I think it's pretty unusual for people who plan to commit suicide to act openly suicidal to others beforehand.