Friday, September 09, 2005

UPDATED: Latest on the decline of FEMA

Besides the Washington Post story linked above, the Washington Monthly has a whole collection of links to stories about horse lawyer Michael Brown, Bush's pick to run the weakened disaster agency. . . er, I mean, secret government.

UPDATE: Brown has not been fired yet, but has been taken off the Katrina case. Washington Monthly now has links to a couple of pre-Katrina accounts of the rise and fall of FEMA, indicating that the criticisms are not based solely on bad feelings from the recent disaster.

As for the FEMA-as-secret-government conspiracy theories, here are two good pages pro- and con: FEMA- The Secret Government and Demystifying FEMA . I will let you guess which is which. It appears that the claims of scary FEMA powers come, typically, from repeated misquotation of the relevant Executive Orders.