Thursday, September 08, 2005

New World Order 101

Here is the text of the "New World Order" rant we listened to in class today. Click the title above to get to the page I found it on. There is plenty more weirdness where this comes from, and I know you will all want your own file of that speech to keep on your iPod:

[Author's intro] This is an important message. Actually it is
the biggest untold news story in the history of the world. It is mind blowing, therefore most
people won't be able to believe it, although the facts and conclusions are unmistakable.
This is the challenge the misinformed masses will ultimately face one way or another.

Freedom is not something bought with taxes and forgotten about; it
is earned with never-ending vigilance and dedication to the principle
of upholding truth. The whole truth is the key to securing our freedoms
and safety. The lock is the mainstream consciousness.

Dear friends of liberty scattered around the world, here is a solid
write-up of the problem and answer to our shared woes. Truly, there
is no other solution than to rip open the veil of the deception the
American people have been under since the turn of the past century.

The most prideful of American people have been so dumbed down to think
we have the greatest political system that ever was. In truth, we have
been so neutralized - all of us; while thousands of outright lying
crooks have remained and grown in perpetual power above us in a
mafia over humanity itself, self-proclaimed the "New World Order".

Governments are no longer servants of the People. Merging together
'it' is now taking a stand as our global master to the extent of
resembling the likes of a false god: the capstone of the financial
pyramid, the 'all seeing eye' of Lucifer if you will. Under
increasing surveillance and scrutiny of the 'evil one', each common
person is now subject to an endless assortment of laws that today
make every person a candidate for interrogation and potential
incarceration at any time the state sees fit to frame and remove a
particular person or seize his/her wealth, standing, and/or children.

Today's emerging global regime is now moving ahead with policies of
extermination of any individual that would stand in dissent. Is it
at all reasonable to allow for such power over our natural lives,
our cherished liberties, and our individual right to pursue a path
of lifelong happiness?

It is often stated that this final Conspiracy is so monstrous that
it cannot be seen at all, almost too well disguised within the fabric
of society itself; or otherwise believed - as the magnitude of it,
once realized, is indeed frightening for any one person to face alone.

The television, which has been content controlled since the first
national broadcast, continues to lie to us through omission and
creates a skewed mass perception, a false sense of security, and
holds a great many of us in a temporary comfort through a blanketting
of ignorance. Yes, there have been many who have been operating in
front and behind the curtains of mainstream perception for scores
of decades. All the familiar faces everyone has grown to know from
Jay Leno to Dan Rather to those who preceded them. This is stated
in reference to the constant rewriting of our true history and the
many deliberate white-washings of major events from political
assassinations to large scale staged acts of terrorism to full blown
world wars. However, the surfacing of the truth of our hidden
governors along with their associated network of 'establishment
cronies' should eventually cast all fiction and untruth aside
once and for all.

However large it seems however, the great number of people of this
world have to understand that, regardless, it is still being managed
by a small group of people/men/Rothschilds/Rockefellers/DuPonts/
Kerrys and Haknesses and a handful of others. Even if the list
was presented in its entirety, it would still be comparable to
only one or two pages at most of a typical local community phone
book. We each know that a typical city phone book contains tens
of thousands of different family names.

The Word of Our Father in Heaven is invaluable in teaching us about
Truth and Hope. The Word of Our Father in Revelation 18 foretells
of a time when the Kings of the Earth, who committed lewd sex acts,
lived deliciously, and traded in the souls of men, will be judged

Presenting an essay for all people around the whole world published
on 11/15/04, relatively soon prior to the next large act of political
terrorism to again hit the United States. Nothing in this text is a
lie. Together, we need to be deeply committed to these facts of his-
tory rather than the cover stories the we are fed to otherwise mani-
pulate us. ]