Friday, March 23, 2007

Last-minute proposals

Partly because of an illness, I may not get back to everyone who sent into proposals after Wednesday night. I rarely reject them outright so assume you can get to work unless I tell you otherwise. If you are still planning to send in a paper proposal Friday (email is fine), here is what I am looking for, quoting an email I sent to several of you:
You need to write a proposal defining the topic (including some details on the conspiracy theory, the groups or events it concerns, its political or social context, and the time period you plan to look at) and giving your preliminary ideas about what you might argue. You should append a preliminary bibliography including at least some print sources from outside the course.
I do plan to try and keep office hours Friday if my health permits at all. UPDATE: Actually I will not be able to make it in today. Feel to give me a call this afternoon at 446-2724 if you have any questions.