Thursday, October 13, 2005

Reading for Oct. 11-13: JFK

We are still on JFK, obviously, so see the previously posted assignment. Please note that I just revamped the JFK document page with a more varied and interesting set of materials that also happens to relate more closely to the lectures. Please go look again if you already checked that page, and do it again in a few days in case I locate something else. I will also paste some of the links below.

Let me also urge students again to rent and watch Oliver Stone's JFK if you haven't already. I say this not because it contains much in the way of accurate facts, but it is a fantastic distillation of 3 decades worth of conspiracy theory in which you will see many of our course themes reflected. I will be glad to loan out my VHS copy as long as I can get it back by Monday.


  • Politics of the JFK Conspiracy Theories